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Client Testimonials

  • Chef Al is simply the best! He can really prepare any type of cuisine you desire — and he does it well from start to finish. From Mexican to Italian to a lovely prepared fish with salad – it’s all fabulous. Chef Al is clutch for a special occasion dinner or just for a family dinner at home. It’s hard to pick a favorite of specialities but his homemade salsa and chocolate bark are some of our favorites … – Alexandra & Brock, Richmond, VA, Sept 2019

    Alexandra & Brock
  • We hired Chef for the summer on our Yacht in Gross Point we enjoyed all his dishes. Come back anytime kids loved your food as well. We all miss you.
    The Grekins, Gross Point Yacht Club. Mi.

    Dr. Grekin
  • Chef Al is the best! We have been to his home several times for delicious gourmet meals and always have a great time. You can count on Chef Al!

    Dr. Shannon Griffin, Vero Beach 2018

    Dr. Shannon Griffin
  • My wife and I hired Alan for the summer on our new boat we have a no carb diet and love fish. Alan keep the inside of the boat in great shape and the seafood dishes man I tell you just spot on and my guest loved him as well and his great stories. Don’t know how you do it all the cooking turndown service bartending you do it all. Thanks Chef you are the best. The Gouldens Boston Mass. 2016

    David Northstar
  • Chef Thanks for the great Superbowl spread. Great Sliders best lobster mac and Cheese I ever had. Fish Tacos awesome as well everything was great. You are the best. See you next year.
    Gino. Palm Beach Fl. 2017

    Great Superbowl Spread
  • We hired Alan for a 3 weekends to help get our new house in Palm Beach set up and have friends down the food was so great and all of friends liked him we ask him to come to Greenwich for the winter.  Best move we ever made.  Chef the kids miss you.  Come back any time.

    The Roaches Greenwich Ct

    John Jen Roach
  • Alan has been cooking for me and my wife on and off for the last year we do a few dinner parties as well up to 12 guest. Alan you are the best leaves my kitchen clean as a whistle and taught me how to make the Pineapple Vodka I and my guest as well love it. Great food always nice paring .

    You’re the best. AVI & Camila – VB Custom Builders, Vero Beach Fl. June 2018

    Avi Baron
  • I had the pleasure of having Chef Als food while on my friends Yacht Last Call in the Bahamas last year besides making a great Bloody Mary the food was great we had some of the best fish I have ever had and the crack conch my favorite. Alan there is a home in LA if you ever want to go back west would love to have you working for me its always there. Hope to see you in Spain next year. All the best. Tony G

    Tony G
  • I have know Chef Al for 5 years I meet him at my yard when he was on a yacht getting a refit at Rybovich in West Palm Beach. Out of the blue one day he shows up with a dish of Paella for the whole office was the best I ever had. Thanks Chef your the best.
    Andy New Project Manager Rybovich Yachts West Palm Beach Fl.

    Andy New
  • I cannot say enough good things about Alan we live in the same complex in Estepona Spain I take care of Alan’s place while he is in the states besides being a good friend he is a person of great integrity I am retired British Government employee and I know about people . Look forward to the next meal Chef get back to Spain we all miss you look forward to the great meals and wine and best the conversations . The place is fine just like you left it minus a few bottles of wine. Cheers my good friend.

    Andy Zepplin
  • I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy Chel Al’s cuisine on many occasions. He has prepared numerous private dinners for myself and other guest. His attention to detail is bar none with his meticulous wine pairings and interesting  food choices that have always pleased the palate. I would be happy to recommend his services to anyone looking for a well prepared meal.  Ethan Erickson – Las Vegas, NV

    Ethan Erickson
  • I worked with Chef Al aboard the M/V Geysir. We made four Atlantic crossings in some of the worst weather conditions yet there was always a great meal on the table. He is by far the best chef that I have encountered in my years at sea and I look forward to working with him again. He is a great friend and shipmate. I highly recommend him to all prospective companies.

    Robert Paulson
  • Chef Al is not just a great cook!! He can turn anything into a masterpiece…Life is too short to eat bad food. So if you are looking to enjoy the incredible tastes a top chef can draw out like the Foodie I am, or impress one of your top clients, I assure you that success is in your palate and your plan, if you use my new friend Chef Al! I had Chef Al come to the house for a Dinner for my parents and wife….what a great idea that sure did turn out to be; a fabulous time with an incredible meal! We all relaxed and drank wine in our open kitchen as we watched this Top Chef work his magic. I encourage everyone to put a dinner prepared by Chef Al on your bucket list. Whether formal or informal, he surely knows how to turn a dinner into an experience. Plus, he has a great personality that you and your guests will truly enjoy!!

    (Former Center for Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys and Doug Flutie with the Toronto Argonauts)
  • It was such a pleasure to have Chef Al come up to our home in Deer Valley and prepare some of the most memorable meals of a lifetime. It was Christmas time and everything was perfectly seasonal, he made the magic of the holidays come alive with his exquisite menus and personal touches. I highly recommend Chef Al and look forward to another amazing dining experience with him.

    KIMBERLY CHURCH, Christmas 2011
  • We had Chef Al on our 130′ Westport in the Bahamas in August this year and he made our trip an amazing experience. We had 6 adults and 5 young adults between the ages of 10 and 17 on board for almost a week, and Chef Al was always accommodating and most of all flexible to everyone’s palate! He was charming and creative and every meal was spectacular. He is not only an experienced and accomplished chef, but his personality was very happy and upbeat at all times, and every meal was presented perfectly and on time! A pleasure to have him work for us and we will definitely be using him again on our yacht and at our home for future dinner parties.

    YVONNE SHERIE, August 2012
  • We would like to thank Chef Alan for sharing his incredible culinary talents with our family during the recent time that our own chef was on vacation. We found Chef Alan to be passionate about his work and fully dedicated to accomodating the vegan preferences of our family. Being the parents of two young children, we appreciated his creativity and diligence in ensuring that our experience was exceptional. It was a pleasure to have Chef Alan work for our family and we are certainly pleased to recommned him to others.

  • Thank you Chef Al for the amazing lunch delivery. We all at Luu Marie enjoyed it tremendously and look forward to the next one. Thanks again 🙂

    LISSETTE, November 2012
    Luu Marine Fort Lauderdale
  • Chef Al is my favorite cousin, and I am his so when he is in town he cooks for my entire family. We are not his normal rich and famous clientele, but he treats us like we are and I cannot wait for his next trip home so I don’t have to cook and I can learn a new dish. He always makes us feel like we are at a top notch restaurant and his meals are delicious!

  • Chef Al is one of the most famous and phenomenal chef in the world. At my house, he has provided services for parties that are highly commendable. His knowledge of gourmet recipes from the world over has resulted in enhancing the party’s menus. He is very enthusiastic, service oriented and extremely friendly and pleasant to work. He will not only clean up your kitchen afterwards but the rest of the house as well. He’ll also wash your cars and do your shopping chores including laundry, if you retain him for a full day or more. As an architect who lives in an ultra modern house in Fort Lauderdale designed by me, I have been happy with his services and have only heard praise from my guests,neighbors and friends. Please retain him for small or large gatherings and extended services at home and for yachts and holidays abroad.

    Designer Architect Fort Lauderdale
  • Alan has always done a great job of planning and preparing great meals. His management skills are based on experience and were an asset to me when I needed the helping hand. I continue to have him entertain and give me a hand on things at my Florida residence, as we have remained friends. You’re a stand-up gentleman Alan. Good luck in all your endeavors! Look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Chef Al is an unbelievable talent. He somehow finds a way to make incredibly tasty food with healthy ingredients in perfect sized proportions! We have sampled a number of chefs and Al is at the top of the list. We had meals made by Al over two days when we were visiting friends. Our only regret is that we couldn’t take him back with us!

  • Chef Alan is the professional chef every Yacht Captain and owner need on there team. He loves what he dose and it can be seen with the delivery of his Culinary talents. From management of his galley, provisioning, needs of the owners, guests, captain and crew, chef Alan will not miss a detail. It was a great opportunity to sail 8 days with chef Alan from Ft. Lauderdale to Newport aboard the 86′ North Star. Alan has a upbeat personality and positive attitude at all times. He is a team leader and willing to help in all areas aboard the yacht, on deck handling fenders, lines, washing, fueling and engine department duties. I highly recommend Chef Alan to any Captain and Yacht Owner who need a team leader. He is top on my list.

  • First of all I must say he is a very good friend; always been a very helpful and professional person. I met Alan in Cancun, Mexico when he took his sailboat, Sea Ruster, to Marina Hacienda del Mar a few years ago, and since then we are very good friends. Last year, I had the opportunity to stay at his home in Fort Laudardale and to know more about his achievements as a Chef and a little more about him as a person. I hope we can continue sharing more often. He is a great friend and a great chef!

    Dock Master Marina Hacienda Del Mar Cancun, Mexico
  • Chef Al worked in my restaurant in Shelter Bay Marina here in Panama. He had his sailboat Sea Rooster here; that is how we meet some great dinners on the Rooster. Chef Al helped me out in the restaurant as I have just taken over – he helped me write new menus and cooked specials for the guest in the Marina. They where quite impressed to have a celebrity chef from LA cooking for them. We had some great dinners and wine pairing all with his special flair that only Chef Al can pull off. I since then have been invited on a few yachts Alan was chef on. My wife and I have never been treated so well. What Al does with fish is like heaven. I look forward to his visits to Panama. If he’s not cooking he takes us to one of the top spots in Panam,a as he is everyone’s friend here. Chef Al, you’re a great friend great Chef. Truly there is only one he loves his craft. All the best keep in touch.

    Owner of Grill Shelter Bay Marina Panama Canal
  • I met Chef Al a few years back in Panama when he had his boat Sea Rooster in Panama. He took me and some clients out sailing and diving for the day and all I can say is what a host – after diving for food and drinks, what a great day. We have stayed in touch and I had the pleasure of being invited to a dinner party on a yacht that he was chef on here in Panama and again, all I can say is world class service with a smile. I had Al do a dinner party for me at my house for some clients and close friends, again all I can say is the best tuna I have ever had – first class all the way. Chef, all the best in your travels and hurry up and open your place up in Spain some I can come to dinner and visit.

    Managing Director Group Capital Panama Panama
  • Hey Al!
    I spent a total of a few weeks sailing with Al and crew, and can attest to Al’s expertise in the kitchen. The kitchen of a sailboat nonetheless which was at a constant angle under sail and at the mercy of the waves. Meeting Al under a different capacity, I can only imagine, if Al puts into his professional cooking what he does into living life to the fullest, you have yourself one hell of a Chef.

    Brandon Shaw
    Vancouver Candia
  • I meet Chef Al while Charting the motor yacht La Buscador in the BVI we where on a 10 day Charter and we did not no what to except these was our first yacht Charter.
    We are foodies and in the food business and I tell you we had some great meals from the breakfast to dinners and wine paring on spot with flair and great presentation. From the Mexican Buffet to Spanish Paella and some French Classics and the fish dishes off the chart and on the last day Eggs Benny with Al’s island Blood Marys to die for.
    My hats off to Al grate job thanks for making our trip one that will last a life time. I wont forget your story’s and and the laughs we had. If you ever hire Chef Al on Charter make sure he makes you his signature Pineapple Vodka infusion tops on my list.
    All the best in your travels you are the best.
    My hats off. Thanks Again

    Martin Brothers Food Service Cedar Falls IA.
  • I had the pleasure of working a season with Chef Al in the BVI.
    I run the motor yacht La Buscadora out of Road Town BVI we had a great time. Alan kept a great budget clean galley and kept the guest happy.
    We did a few back to back charters and he hung in there the Marine he is and kept a smile on his face. The guest loved his food. I am sure there talking about there trips and laughs with Alan and the rest of the crew today.
    Alan is a world class Chef from soups to his fish and salads all first class.
    If you ever need a Yacht Chef look no further Al is a great asset to any team Yacht or land base. Hard worker organized and the galley was spotless all the time. I cant say enough about Al good guy good friend.
    I wish you all the best and let me no when you get the place in Spain.

    La Buscadora Road Town BVI.
  • I had the pleasure with working with Al not he M/V Geysir under the worst sailing conditions known to man. And yet everyday he made the greatest meals Ive ever had on merchant vessel. He was always in a great mood, respectful, and was a great shipmate and a fantastic addition to the crew and an even better friend. I highly recommend his services….there is no other competition.

    Zachary B.