Chef Al is simply the best! He can really prepare any type of cuisine you desire — and he does it well from start to finish. From Mexican to Italian to a lovely prepared fish with salad – it’s all fabulous. Chef Al is clutch for a special occasion dinner or just for a family dinner at home. It’s hard to pick a favorite of specialities but his homemade salsa and chocolate bark are some of our favorites … – Alexandra & Brock, Richmond, VA, Sept 2019

Alexandra & Brock

We hired Chef for the summer on our Yacht in Gross Point we enjoyed all his dishes. Come back anytime kids loved your food as well. We all miss you.
The Grekins, Gross Point Yacht Club. Mi.

Dr. Grekin

Chef Al is the best! We have been to his home several times for delicious gourmet meals and always have a great time. You can count on Chef Al!

Dr. Shannon Griffin, Vero Beach 2018

Dr. Shannon Griffin

My wife and I hired Alan for the summer on our new boat we have a no carb diet and love fish. Alan keep the inside of the boat in great shape and the seafood dishes man I tell you just spot on and my guest loved him as well and his great stories. Don’t know how you do it all the cooking turndown service bartending you do it all. Thanks Chef you are the best. The Gouldens Boston Mass. 2016

David Northstar

Chef Thanks for the great Superbowl spread. Great Sliders best lobster mac and Cheese I ever had. Fish Tacos awesome as well everything was great. You are the best. See you next year.
Gino. Palm Beach Fl. 2017

Great Superbowl Spread

We hired Alan for a 3 weekends to help get our new house in Palm Beach set up and have friends down the food was so great and all of friends liked him we ask him to come to Greenwich for the winter.  Best move we ever made.  Chef the kids miss you.  Come back any time.

The Roaches Greenwich Ct

John Jen Roach

Alan has been cooking for me and my wife on and off for the last year we do a few dinner parties as well up to 12 guest. Alan you are the best leaves my kitchen clean as a whistle and taught me how to make the Pineapple Vodka I and my guest as well love it. Great food always nice paring .

You’re the best. AVI & Camila – VB Custom Builders, Vero Beach Fl. June 2018

Avi Baron

I had the pleasure of having Chef Als food while on my friends Yacht Last Call in the Bahamas last year besides making a great Bloody Mary the food was great we had some of the best fish I have ever had and the crack conch my favorite. Alan there is a home in LA if you ever want to go back west would love to have you working for me its always there. Hope to see you in Spain next year. All the best. Tony G

Tony G

I have know Chef Al for 5 years I meet him at my yard when he was on a yacht getting a refit at Rybovich in West Palm Beach. Out of the blue one day he shows up with a dish of Paella for the whole office was the best I ever had. Thanks Chef your the best.
Andy New Project Manager Rybovich Yachts West Palm Beach Fl.

Andy New

I cannot say enough good things about Alan we live in the same complex in Estepona Spain I take care of Alan’s place while he is in the states besides being a good friend he is a person of great integrity I am retired British Government employee and I know about people . Look forward to the next meal Chef get back to Spain we all miss you look forward to the great meals and wine and best the conversations . The place is fine just like you left it minus a few bottles of wine. Cheers my good friend.

Andy Zepplin